U Pick Crops

We offer many pick your own Jersey Fresh crops for an affordable price and quality that you cannot get at a grocery store. Below is a list that shows a few of the crops that we grow at our u pick farm. We grow tons of different things at our huge farm. Below is a list of some of the crops that we grow at Dewolf’s U Pick Farms. Dewolf’s U Pick Farms is near many other u pick farms too. Such as Emery’s Blueberry farm and Hallocks U Pick Farm. Please call before you come visit to make sure that we have a crop available.

Crop Approximate Picking Date
Spinach April and October
Broccolirab April and October
Strawberries Mid May
Broccoli June
Squash June
Cucumber June
Okra June
Tomatoes Mid July
Peppers Mid July
Blackberries Mid July
Eggplant Mid July
Lima Beans August
Peanuts September
Plus many more crops!

Please call 609-758-6288 before you come to see what crops are available for picking.

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